Your Absolute Best Guide to Wearing a Wig or Sew-In Over Locs

If you made the decision to get locs a little over 15 years ago it was a life sentence.  There was no turning back, a style choice for life.  Unless you decided to cut your hair, grow it out or start over from scratch. The idea of wearing a weave or wig over top of your locs was far reaching and impossible. Today, as time and technique have progressed wearing a wig or weave over your locs is possible and absolutely doable for some individuals.  So, how can you decide if your one of those individuals that a wig or weave will work for? Do you run the risk of looking like a cone head? Or wasting valuable time shopping for wigs that will never work on top of you locs? We have all the answers covered here. Keep reading for the absolute BEST guide on wearing wigs and sew-ins over your locs.

What’s The Best Length?

The key to wearing a wig or sew in over your locs is in the length. Shorter to medium length locs are the best for wigs and sew-in’s. These lengths typically lay flat and are easier to braid for a sew in or wig. If your locs are beyond shoulder length itcan be sign of trouble for a sew-in or wig. Usually, you will want the hair to be braided down and to lay flat so that it is not bulky underneath a wig.  This can be hard to do with longer locs. Shorter/medium lengths are more ideal. Even with the tightest and best basket braid down getting a wig over longer locs is nearly impossible. Besides struggling to get it on once you do it looks like a lumpy mess.

Longer Lengths ……What Should I Do?

So what should longer lengths do? If you have super long locsyou will most likely not be able to braid them down. So, you can either braid down a portion of the locs usually from the top of the head to the neck, to place a wig cap on it or you can opt to leave your locs out, cover the top part with a wig cap, and shop for a wig long enough to cover and hide your locs underneath.  This is probably the most comfortable and easiest way to wear a wig without looking like a hot mess. Of course, sew-ins are a no-no at this point.

Finding The Right Wig

It can be frustrating trying to find the right wig to wear over your locs but it is POSSIBLE. The task is finding a wig that can cover ALL of your hair and matches your facial features and style preferences.  Admittedly, that can take some time especially if you haven’t seen yourself with straightened hair in a while. So, try on different wigs with different parts, and then decide on one that suits your face, and you feel comfortable wearing on top of your locs.

How Should I Braid My Hair Down?

Shoulder length and medium size locs are usually the best length for loc braid downs. You want the braidsto be close to the scalp with minimal lumps to secure a wig or weave. A basket weave braid down or braided locs that go straight back are the preferred braid down, however your stylist is the best person to determine which method is right for you depending on the type of style or wig you will be wearing.

Wearing a Weave or Sew In

Weaves are more permanent and so quite naturally a weave over your locs generally cost more. On the other hand a wig is not as permanent and is the less expensive alternative depending on the type of wig you purchase.  Before installing a weave over your locs you should wash and condition the hair with KOIL’s shampoo and conditioner. Make sure the hair is thoroughly dried before styling and make sure the braids are not too tight.  


Wearing a weave or wig over your locs may be a little uncomfortable. After exploring you might find it’s not the right option for your style needs. If this is the case consider alternatives such as coloring, a pinup, or a loc hair cut to change up your style.


KOIL’s is for EVERY hair type! We are the only hair care line safe for ALL hair types including sister locs and traditional locs. Our hair care formulas nourish, replenish and moisturize every hair type including natural hair.


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