Hair Goals: 4 Hot Summer Protective Styles That We ADORE


We get it … it’s the middle of a pandemic and ain’t nobody got time to do their hair! Struggling to find a hot protective style to last you through the remaining months of summer? Look no further, KOIL has found the hottest styles you should try.


Knotless Braids

Knotless braids have been a BIG HIT this summer and we see why! They look so natural, and cause less tension on your scalp. We also hear that you can save your edges since the braiding method includes starting the braid with your own hair first then adding the braid weave later. We are obsessed … even our CEO Shaunell Kennard has rocked some knotless braids over the last few weeks.


If you plan to try knotless braids make sure you are taking good care of those braids by using KOIL’s 100% Silk Bonnet and Edge Scarf. It is perfect for securing those laid edges and ensuring that those braids don’t frizz up too soon. 


Passion Twists

We are PASSIONATE about passion twists! This style of twists have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean we love it any less. These twists are fun, lightweight and relatively low maintenance making it a perfect summer go to. Like the knotless braids, you would need to ensure that you are taking good care of them by securing them at night with our 100% SILK Bonnet! 


Halo Braid

Looking for a quick and easy protective style that you can just do with your own natural hair? A halo braid is your go-to, sis. It is absolutely perfect for a last minute, low-maintenance style that isn’t so hot during summer months! You can even add cute accessories to the mix like flowers and clips for fun! If you plan on doing a halo braid, you must make sure you’re using KOIL’s hair gel and pomade to lay those edges, honey! 


Fulani Braids

Sister Solange made this style popular, and we adore it! These braids can easily be styled so many ways and they seem to be so light weight making it easy on your scalp. The thing is, since these braids have a lot of parts and your scalp will be exposed, we must ensure that our scalp health is in tip-top shape. So before you go to your braider, make sure you use your KOIL Coconut Oil Collection from start to finish so that you can moisturize your hair and scalp for braids. 


So let us know your go-to protective summer style! In fact, tag us in your protective styles on IG --we’d love to repost you.



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