June Style Inspirations

Are you a hair enthusiast who is looking for some super fun ways to rock your hair this month? Look no further because this right here is for all the beauties who are queens in their own right and would like to look good with ease this month. Some of this month’s styles are simple and can be done at home with amazing style tools like the ones in the KOIL Complete Collection, others of them might need a professional touch.

With summer on the horizon this month’s styles will help reduce over manipulation and frizziness. They will also protect the hair from humidity and sweat that cause, dryness and shrinkage, by tucking the hair safely away. Whether you prefer a protective style or just want to slay a look, these styles get the job done.

Bun up do.

With buns, you can do no wrong. Whether it is puffy, kinky, sleek, tucked, natural or an extension; buns are an easy way to bring elegance back to your hair at home. They are easy to style and wear to any occasion. Since the hair is up, manipulation is out of the question and you can last for a few days if not a week with this hair do. A lot of people prefer this style because it is not just economical, but also practical.  With the constant sweating and heat of summer, this look is easy to take off, clean and do all over again.


Clean and condition the hair with KOIL Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply KOIL hair gel to your edges. Brush  sides to the center, and wrap hair band around the hair. Depending on how sleek you want your ponytail, apply a little KOIL pomade for the finish.

*Style Note: Gel vs. Pomade

Use pomade on edges, ponytails, short hairstyles, wrapping the hair and men’ styles. Use gel for forming curls, edges and lighter hold.

Box braids.

Box braids are a great protective style but only if done right. True box braids have four corners no matter how big or small the hair is. If you love long, flirty braids, this is definitely the style for you. The best thing about this hair-do is that you can style the braids to fit any occasion from tying them into a bun to letting them flow loose. If you DIY this style DO NOT put too much pressure on your roots, if they are too tight, it can cause damage and breakage so let a professional do the work if you are unsure.


For this look start with our Hydrate Collection. Shampoo,condition, mask, and add a little leave in conditioner then blow dry. Next, either head to the salon or part the hair in squares and get to work on your look.

Faux Locs.

This style is mostly for people who love locs but don’t want to commit to them. It is a very good protective style since it avoids a lot of manipulation.  It can last up to 3 months and can be styled short, or straight to curly.


This style works best when the hair is already cleaned, conditioned and dried. Depending on the size of your locs, it can take up to 5 hours to install.

Crochet braids.

This style is considered more of a weave than braids. It is an effective protective style that can last up to 8 weeks if well installed. As long as you can braid cornrows and handle a crochet hook, then you can easily do this at home.


After cleaning and conditioning the hair with KOILS Shampoo and Conditioner, create cornrows, then install the hair extensions to the cornrows by looping under the cornrows using a crochet needle.

Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail is one of our favorite summer styles. Depending on your preference you can create many looks with either your natural hair or extensions.


Gather all the hair from the sides to the center and secure with an elastic band. Use KOIL hair gel to help smooth edges without adding lots of flakiness and for excellent hold. This is also good if the hair is short.

Treat your hair with love and own your crown. Use KOIL coconut infused products to achieve your hair goals and protect your tresses. Coconut oil is one of nature’s greatest moisturizers,the benefits of it are vast. Get started using it today if you aren’t already. Remember you are a queen and you’ve got this.


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