Hair Superfood: Coconut Oil and How It Can Save Your Koils

While Coconut Oil is primarily known for being a great cooking ingredient because of the healthy ratios of fat, it can also transform your beauty routine, especially with your hair health. Full of healthy fats and antioxidants, coconut oil has changed the beauty game for the better. To understand how coconut oil helps, you must understand common hair problems and what causes them:


What Are The Most Common Hair Issues Women and Men Face?


Naturally your hair should be moisturized, shine, glow and resist excessive tangles, but due to common dietary factors, lifestyle choices, and poor hair care, it is hard to ensure that this natural healthy state of your hair happens.


One of the most common hair complaints is dryness of the hair and scalp. Brittle hair tends to be damaged hair, leaving your follicles limp and lifeless. Coconut Oil can easily be the cure-all for these common issues. 


How Does Coconut Oil Help?


Coconut oil is brimming with health benefits due to it’s beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is high in vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, and iron.


These vitamins have been known to improve overall scalp health, increase oxygen in the pores in your scalp promoting healthy hair growth and promotes hair strength as well. 


Coconut oil is also a great protein that can strengthen the health of your hair making it return to it’s strong healthy state.


And Finally, coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal. It can help prevent the development of bacteria on the scalp that could impact your overall hair health. 


We love Coconut Oil SO much that we have added it to our entire Signature System.


That’s right! You can find Coconut Oil in every single product we have developed for KOIL, because natural ingredients matter most to us, and healthy hair comes first!


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The best part is, Coconut Oil is great for ALL hair types and textures. So whether you are natural, relaxed, straight or curly. Whether you wear a weave, wig, or braids, or just prefer your own hair - our Coconut Oil is for YOU.


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