5 Benefits of Leave-In Conditioner for All Hair Types

  1. Leave-in conditioners such as our KOIL Coconut Infused Conditioner are gentler on hair strands than traditional, 'rinse out' conditioners. They condition all hair types all day long without generating filmy residue and build up on your scalp. 'Rinse out' conditioners will only weigh down the hair if left in longer than recommended.
  2. Leave-ins are known to contain emollients that promote healthy scalps and hair growth. In the case of our KOIL Conditioners, your roots will be forever nourished with coconut and natural oils - all of which are great for growing strong, long hair strands!
  3. Leave-ins are secret sealants! If you are hesitant to add oils to fine hair strands or low density curls, leave-ins are perfect options.
  4. All curlies want defined curls. Well, the little-known secret to defined curls, especially for Type 3c through 4c, is to use a leave-in conditioner that works for your porosity level.  As fortune would have it, our featured leave-in KOIL Conditioner is good for all hair porosity types but will work wonders on medium-to-low porosity curls.
  5. Leave-in conditioners don't leave flakey, white residue on your curls! This simple benefit is what every curly wants in her life, and that's precisely what leave-ins like the Cold Pressed Coconut Infused Leave-in is formulated to do: deeply nourish the hair, not leave flakes and residue on your shoulders and curls.

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