The Best Thing For Your Hair During Cold Months

What’s the best thing you can do for your hair this winter? If you said put a mask on it then you guessed right. Hair masks are a winter essential. They help to moisturize and nourish the hair and are especially beneficial if your hair is dry or damaged. Want to learn more about masks? Keep reading for the breakdown on hair masks and learn why this high-powered treatment is the best thing you can do for your hair this winter.

Why Mask?

During the winter there is already a lack of moisture in the air, it gets super cold and we typically crank up the heat and use warmer water to wash our hair and bodies. All that heat and hot water causes the scalp to become drier than usual which depletes the overall appearance of the hair. The result is hair that is dull, lackluster and in some cases even itchy. Masks are a power treatment that provide intense nourishment and hydration, their benefits are immediate and can sometimes be seen in as little as one treatment.  

Why Can’t I Just Condition?

Masks and conditioners are not the same. They work together in the KOIL’s hair regimen here is the breakdown on the differences between the two:

Conditioners are used to soften the hair; they are used after shampooing and do not penetrate as deep as a mask. Conditioners deposit protein and moisturizer to help restore the hairs strength and give it body to protect it against possible breakage. KOIL’s Conditioner detangles, and provides relief for hair that feels, dry, appears damaged or is damaged. KOIL’s Leave in Conditioner restores luster, shine, manageability and strength.  

Masks-Masks coat your strands and are used in conjunction with conditioner. They are a repairing treatment and are deeply penetrating. KOIL’s Hair Mask is a nutrient rich mask infused with cold pressed coconut, powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein, and nourishing vitamins to provide a deep treatment for the hair. It is left on the hair for 10 to 30 minutes and can be used every week or every other week.

After Your Mask

The two most important words to remember when masking are time and rinse. Remember masks take TIME to penetrate. While our mask does work relatively quickly it is beneficial if you allow it to deeply penetrate. Liberally apply the mask to your hair and gently comb through for even distribution. Leave it on the hair for 10-30 minutes. After the mask application be sure to completely RINSE the hair. This is especially important for hair with locs because if the hair is not properly rinsed unsightly build up can occur inside of your locs.  After a hair mask, you can let the hair air dry or use light heat to dry it. Finish styling with KOIL’s Serum, Pomade or Gel.


Mask away during the winter season with KOIL’s Hair Mask complete with coconut oil extract. Coconut oil is one of naturesgreatest moisturizers it conditions the hair from within. When combined with marula oil the intensive hair mask adds the perfect touch of sophistication to your hair routine.


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