Permed or Natural? Healthy Hair No Matter What

At KOIL’s we believe healthy hair is the goal no matter what. Whether you choose to perm, wear locs, texturize, or wear your hair natural the goal should ALWAYS be to have healthy hair. Everyone has a unique hair journey and at KOIL’s we don’t think any particular method is better than the other.  We have created an entire collection of hair care products that are suitable for ALL hair types. Want to know a few of our healthy hair guidelines? Keep reading to learn more.

Keep your Locs CLEANED and GROOMED

It is very easy to fall into laziness with locs. They are easy to maintain and don’t require as much regular maintenance as other styles. However, it is very important to remember to keep you locs washed and groomed. Going to long between washing and re-tightening sessions can put stress on the locs and cause them to weaken and accumulate product build-up which can impede on their appearance.  You should wash your locs with KOIL’s Shampoo and rinse carefully so that all product is removed.


Keep natural hair healthy by avoiding heavy heat and styling tools that can dry the hair and cause breakage.  Alternate your style choices and avoid placing too much stress on the scalp with tightly braided styles that stress your tresses. Keep natural hair hydrated and conditioned with KOIL’s Leave In-Conditioner or by using KOIL’s penetrating Mask.


Texturizers loosen curls without completely straightening the hair. They add volume to the hair, impart shine and are completely manageable. Texturized hair is maintained by using products that maintain the shine and moisture of the hair. The hair is wet daily to maintain the curls and remove tangles and frizz. KOIL’s Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended to keep up the results.


Over the last few decades relaxing the hair has gotten a bad reputation. However some women embrace relaxing the hair as an alternative to straightening their curly hair. If you choose to relax your hair remember that touch-ups should be scheduled every six to eight weeks. Avoid over doing it because it can lead to breakage and over processing. Keep the scalp healthy with coconut oil using KOIL’s Serum as a nourishing product to help maintain shine and sheen of your stresses will help do the trick. Final note: While there are several over the counter DIY relaxers out there our preference is to see a trained reputable professional to handle relaxing your hair. Why take chances just to save a few dollars when you can get a reliable result with a trained professional?

KOIL’s is a one of a kind hair care collection that embraces hair choice. The freedom to choose the hair process that works best for you and to have consistent and reliable support with a product collection that meets your needs. We are happy to serve you.


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