Hair Inspirations: Celebrity Stylist Nicky B’s Daring Styles from Red Carpet to Everyday

When it comes to creating memorable hair looks for the red-carpet celebrity stylist Nicole Newland aka Nicky B knows how to do it. From memorable top knots to artistic braided designs Nicky B’s celebrity clientele includes June Ambrose, Masai Martin and Bianca Lawson.  Her eclectic styles stole Essence Magazine’s January 2020 cover “Tail Blazing” and has inspired us to incorporate some of her hair flair into our everyday looks.  Here’s how were tunneling Nicky B’s red carpet looks into oureveryday hair wear.

Slick Triple Ponytail

Got a workplace suit or outfit that is super conservative and kind of boring? Style the look up with a slick triple ponytail. Section the hair into three even parts. Use our KOIL Hair Pomade to sleek the edges out and brush the hair into three equal ponytails. If you want to add length, add a hair extension to the ponytail, and flat iron the ends.

Adorn your Crown

Nicky B’s hair looks include barrettes, embellished coils, butterflies, and jewels. With a few of these adornments you can take your hair look from good to great. On locs place a few sporadically placed silver or gold coils throughout the hair. The coils add a hint of excitement to your loc look. Barrettes are also a fun embellishment that come in a variety of styles from super fancy to functional. You can use a set of colored bobby pins as a barrette of sorts to clip back the hair or add it to style a simple look. Jewels have also become popular in recent years. They be placed subtly to create an artistic look. The key word with hair adornments is keeping it subtle for everyday wear.

Use Textiles

A trip to the fabric store can be so much fun especially when you are shopping for designs and patterns to spruce up your hair look.  The real fun with textiles comes with how you use them in your hair designs.  We love Nicky B’s look ideas straight from the pages of Essence. Choose your textile and then braid it into a few strands of your braided look. This one is even good for little kids and can be done with ribbon. You can also use textiles to create a headband, or as a substitute ponytail holder. With countless patterns at your disposable you will never tire of look ideas.

Add a Braid or Two

Nicky B’s braided looks definitely turn heads on the red carpet. If you can appreciate the intricate braids of Nicky B but don’t have the knack for doing braids or cornrows, try a simple two strand twist at the ends of your ponytail or adding one or two braids to your straightened look. Two strand twist and a simple braid are among some of the easiest styles to perform for the novice braider. If you have more skills as a braider try a fishhook braid or a classic French braid to create a subtle everyday look.

Are you feeling inspired by Nicky B and want to try out our latest hair inspiration? Make sure to have your KOIL styling essentials on hand to lay your edges and hold your hair in place. The KOIL complete collection has everything to create the beautiful looks featured here including our hair gel, pomade and serum.



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