5 Style Trends We Can’t Wait To Try In 2020

Stepping into 2020 like you own the next decade? Try these EXPLOSIVE styles that are sure to get heads turning, and lots of smiles as you grace the workplace, street, and grocery store with your presence this year. You got twelve months which ones are you going to try?

Classic Bob
Who doesn’t love a classic bob? Honestly, the style works for everyone and it can be worn at almost any length and still look good. A bob that stops at the jawline, cut in a blunt manner, with bounce, softness and volume are definitely a must have look for 2020.
Sleek Ponytails
Sleek ponytails are here to stay, and there are plenty of ways to make them a style statement this year. From hair clips, ribbons, pearls woven into the braided ends, or a flip at the end of your pony there are lots of ways to make it work. The secret to a picture-perfect ponytail is laying the edges down and making sure the hair is vibrant and shiny for a sleek and sophisticated look. KOIL’s Hair Pomade is perfect for creating a slick ponytail. It provides texture and control with a natural-shine finish.
Color Change
2020 hair color trends range from high-contrast color updates that take the hair up in a much bolder way, to subtle changes which are warmer and more neutral. Changing your hair color never gets old. You can choose temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent to affect the final color result and how long it will last. Definitely have a hair color consultation as a first important step if you are considering a color change this year.
Embracing your Gray
The silver foxes are leading the way! Embracing your gray and growing old gracefully is a movement. Instead of hiding behind their gray and covering it up women are embracing it and heading to the stylist to renew their original color. There had long been a myth that gray hair was coarser and more resistant than pigmented hair however other than the lack of pigment, gray hair is exactly the same as pigmented hair. Although gray hair may be resistant, it is not resistant because it is gray. Take care of your gray hair on a daily basis with KOIL’s Shampoo and Serum to keep it hydrated, bright and fresh.
Embracing your curl pattern and having fun with your texture whether you are relaxed, texturized or natural is a serious trend this year. It’s all about keeping your hair healthy, no over processing, using too much products, and engaging in habits that are not good for the hair. Embracing your texture and keeping your hair healthy are the statement trend of 2020.


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