4 Jaw Dropping Tips For Amazing Hair Color

Who doesn’t love a bold hair color done right?  From a pearlescent pixie cut, to natural black to blond ombre inches, a touch of color can help you make a signature style statement and spice up your look.  Color treated hair requires extra TLC to keep it soft, shiny and nourished. A wrong move with color treated hair can cause a lot of damage if not done properly or too often. If you are getting ready to color your hair or want to maintain your color treated tresses the right way here are a few tips to help.

Seek a Professional Colorist

Performing color treatments is considered a creative, challenging and specialty service within the hairstyling community. A skilled colorist understands how to deposit color on a variety of hair types including natural hair, previously colored hair, and hair that has been lightened. They also know how to lighten and deposit color in one step. Seeking out a professional specifically trained in color can minimize your risk of damage and accidents due to improper application or misuse.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Color can cause the hair to become more fragile and drier, which can cause color to fade and loose its vibrance. A moisturizing mask can heal, nourish, and protect the hair and keep your color going strong. After shampooing, let the KOIL Mask featuring cold pressed coconut oil, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins rest on the hair for 10-15 minutes before rinsing out to moisturize your tresses.

Guidelines for Textured, Relaxed and previously Colored Treated Hair

If your hair is drier stay away from bleach and lighteners and opt for a high lift blond. This option is not as strong or alkaline as bleach. Individuals with relaxers should use a demi color or wait at least two weeks to apply permanent or demi colors. This will allow the hair to better tolerate color. If you just can’t wait to color your hair go with a semi-permanent or temporary color for same day color on relaxed hair. Finally, be honest about your color past, previously colored hair that is dark brown, red, or black can hamper color results so be up front with your stylist, he or she will be able to know the difference anyway so just be up front about it.

Use Leave-in Conditioner

Color treated hair can lack moisture, so keeping it hydrated is a MUST! After removing our mask, apply KOIL Leave in Conditioner to hydrate and add volume to the hair.  With a healthy amount of our leave in conditioner you can prevent damage, dryness, breakage, and frizz.


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