Understanding The Causes Of Hair Damage

If you’ve ever experienced hair damage it can be extremely stressful. Figuring out the cause and  restoring the hair to its normal state takes time and money. Hair damage occurs when the structure of the hair has been adversely altered from either a singular or variety of factors. The result is noticeably weak hair. While the damage may be visible, the real horror lies from the root of the hair (cuticle) and works its way up the shaft. Medical conditions and medications, heat styling, color treatments, and a wide variety of other factors can all contribute to hair damage. This article will discuss the causes of damage, and dive into how to fix it.

  1. Excessive Heat

Excessive use of of heat tools like blow dryers and curling irons is harmful to the hair. Too much heat can cook the hair and cause it to become overly dry and brittle. Use heat tools the right way. First, use the lowest heat setting on your curling iron or blow dryer. When blow drying your hair keep the hair dryer a few inches away from the hair. Secondly, DO NOT blow dry dripping wet hair. Allow the hair to air dry for a few minutes and then dry completely. The hair should be damp not wet when blow drying it. To manage heat damage, apply KOIL hair serum as a light weight finish to protect against future damage. Cold pressed hair oil helps seal split ends while locking in moisture and giving the hair a gorgeous shine.

  1. Sulfates

Sulfates are what give shampoo and other cleansing products their lather.  The problem with them is that they can strip the hair of the good oils it needs to maintain its natural shine and health.

Since washing your hair is very important, we suggest using a sulfate free shampoo like KOIL’s Shampoo to get the job done.  All of the KOILS products including our shampoo are sulfate free. Our shampoo gently cleanses the hair without over stripping or drying the scalp.

      3.​Color Treatments

For the queens that love a little color in their lives over doing it can wreak havoc on their tresses. Whether you are going lighter or darker, too much chemical exposure can make the hair shaft so porous that it leads to damage. If you are weak for color, opt for shades that are only slightly lighter or darker than your original hair color. To curb damage, hydrate the hair with regular use of a hair mask. KOIL’s hair mask is a deep antioxidant treatment that softens and restores color treated hair.

  1. ​Too Much DIY

Whether you choose DIY to save money or because you love a great You Tube tutorial you should probably take a break from time to time and allow a professional to take care of your hair. Professional trims, along with expert help is essential to combatting damage.

  1. ​Lack of Hydration

Drink plenty of water and feed your hair nutrient products to maintain its health. Koil coconut infused products soften and condition the hair, while providing a moisturizing shine that nourishes the scalp and helps the hair grow. Try hair serum as a light weight finish to protect against damage and help brighten the hair.

  1. ​UNDERLYING Medical conditions and medications.

Medical conditions and certain medications can cause hair loss and damage. Long term and not short- term use is usually the culprit for certain hair conditions like dryness and aggressive shedding.  Check your medication for side effects and try using a deep conditioner or repair mask to address significant dryness. Allow the reparative hair mask to sit on the hair for a full half. Next, lightly, dry the hair and apply KOIL hair serum for added shine. If problems persist, consider speaking with your doctor about your concerns.

Loving and taking care of your hair with KOIL coconut infused hair products can make a visible difference for your hair. With easy to use products and simple ingredients KOIL’s can help your curb if not completely eradicate damaged hair..








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