3 Nontraditional Ways To Use Your KOIL Deep Repair Mask


When Koil’s Coconut Oil Collection was created, it was developed with one major thing in mind: offering a healthy hair care system that was not only functional but diverse for every user. Each product included in this collection seamlessly delivers key ingredients that repairs and replenishes all hair types and textures back to a healthy state.


Our Deep Repair Mask knows no boundaries. This intense treatment enriches your hair with coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree, and vitamin e. While some people may use repair masks every so often, we have found 3 ways for you to use our Koil Deep Repair Mask in the most nontraditional ways to ensure quality hair health.


1. Warm The Repair Mask In The Microwave

Did you know warming your mask in the microwave can penetrate your hair follicles stimulating hair growth and a healthy scalp? Instead of just throwing the Repair Mask on your hair as a typical deep conditioner, instead warm it up and use it as a hot oil treatment. Simply pour a few tablespoons in the microwave for 30 secs, just to warm it up. Stir it and immediately add the warm mask to your hair, specifically targeting the ends. Allow the mask to sit for 15 minutes minimum before rinsing out. 


2. Add To Your Hair Before Jumping In The Pool

Did you know the pool is one of the most common ways to damage your hair during summer. Between the harsh chemicals found in pool water, and the harsh direct sun rays on your hair, you’re basically frying it. The best way to combat damaged pool-noodle hair is to give your hair intense moisture before diving in. Simply rinse your hair with cold water (to seal your hair making it difficult for hash pool chemicals to absorb), and add a generous amount of Koil’s Deep Repair Mask all over your hair, focusing on the ends. The added moisture will act as a shield of protection from any harsh chemicals. Rinse and wash your hair immediately after coming from the pool. 


3. Use It For An Overnight Hair Mask. 

The truth is, this repair mask is poppin! The product is so amazing and gentle that you can actually sleep in the hair mask for an extended period of time. Simply add the hair mask to your hair before bedtime, detangle your koils and wrap your hair in a shower cap before adding it to your bonnet. To preserve your bedding, add a 100% cotton t-shirt over your pillow in case your bonnet slips off in the middle of the night. 


So tell us, which is your favorite, or maybe you’ll try all three? We have practiced all nontraditional ways and all are poppin’!

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